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Project Discovery
Approx. file size: 27 kb
Category: FuseBuilder Plugin
With the Project Discovery plugin, FuseBuilder has full support for the first 4 phases of FLiP. This plugin adds the first stage to the application, which is the 'Personas' stage.

  • Use Project Discovery to write up an overview of the project, its challenges and opportunities, and then use your understanding of the project (along with field research) to define Personas and their personal Goals.

  • Enter in initial thoughts regarding programming in the 'Brainstorming' section, to get them out of your head so you don't dwell on implementation details.

  • Create 'Persona Scenarios' that follow your Personas through a 'day in the life' using your application, and assign a 'likelihood' of occurance for each point. Using this grading system will help you when you start to wireframe the flow of your application, because more likely-used features will need a higher prominence in accessibility in your wireframe, whereas less likely-used features can be 'buried' more to reduce visual clutter.

The overview page can be printed as a report for marketing, or to hand out to the development team as an overview.

TO USE: Rename this file from 'discovery.plugin' to '' and unzip the package into the 'plugins' folder in your copy of FuseBuilder. This plugin will automatically be detected and added to your sidebar menu under 'Plugins'.
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