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Advanced Layout Reader
Approx. file size: 44 kb
Category: FuseBuilder Extension
This Layout Reader will compile any prefuseactions, postfuseactions, Remote Fuseactions, preProcess or postProcess GlobalFuseactions into the currently viewed Wireframe page, and add every available XFA into the simulation.

This layout reader will display a full set of responsibilities, including text from fuses via <include/>, or the 'hint' text from any <invoke/> tags in a Fusebox 4.1 project.

Additionally, XFAs can be shown next to the resonsibilities text of the Remote Fuseaction from which they're set, better illustrating the flow of the project.

Use this Layout Reader if you want to present the flow of an application that has been architected, or which gets XFAs from multiple sources.

To use, save this file into FuseBuilder's /wireframe folder. Then click on the sidebar link to your "Config". In the second block of settings you'll find one for the Layout Reader. Select this new file and submit the form. Your wireframes will use this layout handler from now on.
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