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Project Restore Points
Approx. file size: 6 kb
Category: FuseBuilder Plugin
This plugin creates two links in the Plugins block in the sidebar:

"Make Restore Point" creates a dated version of the active project file at its current state, and returns the user to their point of entry. This is usable by Developers and up

"Version Control" is visible to Administrators, and provides an interface to create new restore points, revert to restore points, or delete unneeded ones.

Because FuseBuilder project files can get quite large, automatic backups have never been included in the application's native feature-set. This plugin will enable manual project backups, which is the next best thing.

This plugin is available to all users of FuseBuilder, including Unlicensed users.

TO USE: Rename this file from 'restorepoint.plugin' to '' and unzip the package into the 'plugins' folder in your copy of FuseBuilder. This plugin will automatically be detected and added to your sidebar menu under 'Plugins'.
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