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Import Databases
Approx. file size: 10 kb
Category: FuseBuilder Plugin
This is the first 3rd party FuseBuilder Plugin! Thanks to John Farrar for having a need for this tool, then creating it, and then allowing me to put it online for others to use too!

Use this plugin to specify an existing datasource name and then check off tables from the database to be automatically imported into your project structure.

The plugin can properly read in MS SQL databases, and MySQL databases, and recreates the database in the "Edit DB Tables" section of your project, including Primary Keys and auto-increment integers. If you're refactoring an existing database, or reverse-engineering an appliction, this plugin will be invaluable.

Note that for users of BlueDragon's free CF server the datasource has to be created using your operating system. BD server has no interface for creating datasources, unlike Macromedia's ColdFusion Administrator. This means that you may need to supply the username and password used to connect to the datasource, and it hasn't been tested with *nix users.

In order to honor the spirit of John's original contribution, this plugin is being made available to all users of FuseBuilder, including Unlicensed users. License purchases for basic useage of FuseBuilder has and will continue to be voluntary. It is my sincere hope that with tools like the Database Importer available for use with FuseBuilder, you'll all be as excited about FuseBuilder as I am!

TO USE: Rename this file from 'dbStructImport.plugin' to '' and unzip the package into the 'plugins' folder in your copy of FuseBuilder. This plugin will automatically be detected and added to your sidebar menu under 'Plugins'.
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