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FuseBuilder 4.1 Edition (build 8)
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Category: FuseBuilder Application

FuseBuilder 4.1 Edition

This is the latest version of FuseBuilder, completely redone to focus specifically on the development of Fusebox 4.1 applications in ColdFusion and PHP.

All the features you've grown to love are still there, with some amazing new advancements including:

  • NEW: Pure-CSS layout has support for different style sheets for different user-types. This makes it possible to "re-brand" your FuseBuilder 4.1 UI for your clients without having to alter the files that come with the initial installation.

  • NEW: AJAX handlers in Project View allow you to open or close as many circuits or fuseactions as you want. This is a per-user setting, and can be disabled or enabled as wanted.

  • NEW: "Notes" tab in the Quickmap shows you all Wireframe Notes for every fuseaction in one view.

  • NEW: Updates to the "reader_w_includes" Layout Reader allows you to preview XFAs -- even Form XFAs -- from sources like globalFuseactions, circuit pre/post fuseactions, and <do/>s.

  • Import an existing Fusebox 4.x application for use as a FuseBuilder project! FuseBuilder 4.1 Edition now includes the files you need to import either a ColdFusion or PHP application, complete with all your fusebox xml, circuit xml, and any Class methods/arguments or Lexicon verbs/attributes. This is a terrific new feature, and completely paves the way for 'Round-trip Editing' inside FuseBuilder.

  • Assign individual layouts for wireframe prototypes per circuit, instead of one layout for the whole project.

  • Fully define CFCs or PHP Classes, complete with methods and arguments. The class aliases are added to the fusebox.xml, and the rest of the information is used when creating <instantiate/> and <invoke/> elements in fuseactions. Additionally, you can generate a CFC/Class 'stub' file with the rest of your framework

  • Fully define any custom lexicons, complete with verbs and attributes. The namespace information is used in fusebox.xml, and the rest of the information is used when creating custom lexicons in a fuseaction. Additionally, you can define the code that will be created in the Parser, and generate a fully functional verb file.

  • Add any possible element in a fuseaction in any order. These include: <set/>, <include/>, <do/> <instantiate/>, <invoke/>, <assert/>, custom lexicon verbs and xml comments

  • Fully define global settings and global XFAs in fusebox.init, and create and include configurable code snippets for reusable routines (like Security, Multiple Submit, SESConverter, and more)

  • Even more streamlining in the Wireframing process makes it possible to do an extremely large amount of the Architecting process right from the Wireframe Editor

  • 'Drag and Drop' support in Project View has been extended to include Mozilla Firefox, and other Gecko browsers. This interface paradigm has become one of the favourite features of FuseBuilder, and it's now available in your favourite browser too!

  • Several new plugins have been developed for use in FuseBuilder 4.1 Edition, including a Project Estimator, and a plugin to plan and describe the Personas for a project, including Scenarios

If you already have a full "Multi-User" License for FuseBuilder 1.3, congratulations! You're also entitled to download FuseBuilder 4.1 Edition free of charge! Other users can upgrade their Licenses to download all the files available on the website, including FuseBuilder 4.1 Edition.

If you're interested in evaluating FuseBuilder 4.1 Edition, you still can! Simply use your username and password on to log into the online demonstration To see the new features in action. You can even create your own demo projects online! The projects online can't be exported, but can be requested for use with your localhost copy at any time.
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