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FuseBuilder Live Wireframer - CFMX
Approx. file size: 64 kb
Category: FuseBuilder Application
The FuseBuilder Live Wireframer is a radical departure from any other version of the application. Earlier methods of Wireframing in FuseBuilder (and in fact every other Wireframer in existence) used an external project file that had no bearing at all on what would become the eventual Fusebox application. The FuseBuilder Live Wireframer (LWF) takes the basic concepts of Wireframing (the "Quick Map" and the simulated page view with clickable links) and applies it to a live Fusebox application, as a Fusebox plugin.

The LWF can be dropped into existing apps to review their flow and scope in your browser, and to make changes or additions to the application itself. The changes are live and applied immediately, even if your application is in 'production' mode.

The LWF can be unzipped once onto a server and then used in as many FB applications as exist on that server. It starts off packaged as a complete, "blank" Fusebox application to make it easy to use when creating new apps.

FuseBuilder LWF is available free of charge to Multi-User License holders, making a total of 3 full programs such license holders can access. There's never been a better time to upgrade your membership. However, if you're only interested in the LWF, you can purchase it individually for only $45!

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