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Bulk Permissions Plugin
Approx. file size: 8 kb
Category: FuseBuilder Plugin
This plugin allows you to define permissions for all fuseactions in public circuits, and the public circuits themselves. Using it you can see all of your current permissions settings on one page, and update the entire project in one form.

UPDATE: This plugin now also includes an export feature that will create an "act_secured" file that you can include in your FB3 applications generated from Fusebuilder. This file will create a functionally similar structure in application memory to the "application.fusebox" structure with regards to circuit and fuseaction permissions. With this file you can enforce fuseaction and circuit security in a similar fashion to Fusebox 4 applications.

Instructions: Rename this file from 'permissions.plugin' to '' and unzip this archive into the /plugins folder in your FuseBuilder application. It will automatically be registered and available immediately. It requires FuseBuilder version 1.1
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