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Layout Reader with Includes
Approx. file size: 43 kb
Category: FuseBuilder Extension
This advanced Layout Reader allows you to have a ColdFusion template included in your Preprototype or Wireframe simulation. In the case of prototypes or wireframes, the generated content will be included and run, which will make it possible to present data-driven content from such things as query sims in your wireframe. In the case of a framework generation the code from your ColdFusion template will be read in but not parsed, which will make the code part of the fuse that is generated.

To use: save this file in the wireframe/ folder of your FuseBuilder application. In the FuseBuilder Config form, change the current layout reader to the filename of the new reader instead. It will continue to work as before. To use the advanced capabilities, save a coldfusion page in the layout's folder, named "inc_[circuitname]_[fuseactionname].cfm". Bear in mind that any variables that would be passed to it via url or through settings in the circuit or fuseaction won't be present, so they should be paramed through the use of the <cfparam> tag.
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