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FuseBuilder Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of Questions in a variety of categories. Click on the question to view its full text, or use the form below to filter the question by Category or by keyword.

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Architecting Does FuseBuilder support the MVC design pattern?
Architecting Any idea why Fusebuilder won't output my project in to FB3 for CF? I get the core files but that's it.
Architecting Will Fusebuilder support FB4.1 soon?
Architecting Is it possible to import an existing FBX4.1 app in to fusebuilder?
Architecting In FB, you've got the option to select "This file is: New - Changed - Unchanged". What do these settings mean?
FLiP Why should I use FLiP?
FLiP How do we consume the 'act_reader_w_includes.cfm' in our templates. How do we show the data.
FuseBuilder 4.1 What will be the upgrade options when the FB4.1 version of FuseBuilder comes out?
FuseBuilder 4.1 Is there any evaluation copy for FuseBuilder 4.1?
FuseBuilder 4.1 If we can not get Fusebuilder to work on Solaris, do you offer money back?
FuseBuilder 4.1 Will older versions of FuseBuilder work with an exisiting fusebox4.1 site?
FuseBuilder Setup I get an error when I try to run FuseBuilder for the first time
FuseBuilder Setup When I try to log in for the first time, it just takes me back to the login screen. If I submit a blank login, it shows me the sidebar but I can't do anything with it. What's wrong?
FuseBuilder Setup How do I add an existing plugin and one I might create myself?
FuseBuilder Setup Does fusebuilder work on solaris?
FuseForms How do I use forms in Fusebuilder?
General Where can I send bugs that I have encountered?
General Who built and maintains Fusebuilder?
General Who runs this web site?
General Is there a limit to the size of the attributes scope?
General I'm just getting into Fusebox but have been coding in CF for 2 years. Why do you use a different URL format than the fusebox website? Is this a difference of using FB3 and FB4?
General Is there a PHP version of fusebuilder ? Are you planning to release such a version ?
General Is Fusebuilder version 1 still supported?
General Will fusebuilder have a version for FB5 soon, specially for the implicit circuit option?