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FAQ - Architecting

Any idea why Fusebuilder won't output my project in to FB3 for CF? I get the core files but that's it.

Here's one or two things to check:

  1. If it's outputting the fbx_switch and fbx_settings files but not your fuses, you can check off the box at the bottom of the export form to "Output all Fuses", otherwise FuseBuilder will only output fuses that have been set as "changed" or "new". This is a measure to protect work that has been started in a project that has gone to code, so FuseBuilder doesn't overwrite any existing fuses. You can output all fuses once, then FuseBuilder sets the output fuse to "unchanged" to protect your code.
  2. FuseBuilder projects require a "home" circuit with everything branching off of that. You can name the home circuit anything you want, but the other circuits have to be children within it.