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FAQ - FuseBuilder 4.1

What will be the upgrade options when the FB4.1 version of FuseBuilder comes out?

FuseBuilder 4.1 Edition will be an entirely new application, designed specifically for Fusebox 4.1 frameworks. While you should be able to open existing project files in FuseBuilder 4.1 Edition, current generators for FB3 or 4 will not support the features that Fusebox 4.1 is built around.

FuseBuilder 4.1 Edition will be available for download by site members possessing a Multi-User License ($350). Members with a Single-User License can click on the sidebar button within their copy of FuseBuilder 1.3 to pay the difference for the full license. Additionally, current unlicensed members can pay for a Multi-User License now and get a license for FuseBuilder 1.3, as well as access to all other downloads on the site including FuseBuilder 4.1 Edition.