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FAQ - FuseBuilder Setup

How do I add an existing plugin and one I might create myself?

Once you've downloaded a FuseBuilder Plugin from the website, it will be collected into a .zip file. Simply unzip the file into the "plugins/" folder in your copy of FuseBuilder and refresh the screen. FuseBuilder plugins are detected automatically and added to the sidebar for immediate use.

If you have an idea for your own FuseBuilder Plugin, simply create it as a single-circuit FB3 application, inside the "plugins/" folder. In other words, if the circuit alias for your new plugin is 'myplugin', your circuit's folder would be "plugins/myplugin".

In your plugin folder, create a file called "inc_pluginsettings.cfm" file, and open it for editing.

Paste this text into your new file:

  <!--- change the values of this section for your application --->
<cfset Name_of_Circuit = "myplugin">
<cfset Sidebar_Link_Text = "My Plugin">
<cfset Sidebar_Link_Fuseaction = "myplugin.myfuseaction">
<cfset List_of_Allowed_Usertypes = "guest,approver,dev,arch,fbadmin">

<!--- don't change any of the below items --->
<cfset fb_plugins['#Name_of_Circuit#'] = StructNew()>
<cfset fb_plugins['#Name_of_Circuit#'].sidebarxfa = "#Sidebar_Link_Text#|#Sidebar_Link_Fuseaction#">
<cfset fb_plugins['#Name_of_Circuit#'].permissions = "#List_of_Allowed_Usertypes#">

Change the values of the variables in the top section to whatever you need for your Plugin, and remove any usertypes from the list of users, if they shouldn't be allowed to see this plugin. Save this file (make sure it's in the circuit's folder!)

The next time you run FuseBuilder, your Plugin will be automatically detected and added into the sidebar. Note that if you want to use fuses from any of the existing FuseBuilder circuits, you can link to them by using the "#PathTo()#" UDF that FuseBuilder uses. In fbx_Switch, this would be used like this:

<cfinclude template="#PathTo( 'project' )#/act_save-project.cfm">

If you develop anything that you feel would be beneficial to the rest of the FuseBuilder community, email it to me! I'll put it online and the rest of the users can benfit from your genius!