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FAQ - FuseForms

How do I use forms in Fusebuilder?

Using FuseForms in FuseBuilder requires several environment settings to be activated, listed below:

  • In the project's properties, a layout must be selected in "Wireframe Prototype", with the box "Use Layout for XFA Locations" checked.
  • The selected layout template has to have the FuseBuilder block markers and replacement markers in the template file (""). For forms to display in the location you specify, a form block has to be present in the template for that location. For information on the proper syntax for the block/replacement markers, open the file from the supplied sample layout in your text editor, or look at the "readme" file found in the /wireframe folder in FuseBuilder.
  • The XFA for the form submission has to be set to "form" in the XFA's properties.
  • The IO Out Elements have to have at least one element for the form to display, with a scope of "form".

At this point you'll have a simple form visible in your Wireframe. If you want to simulate the final form more closely, you can click on the "Edit Fuse Forms" in the sidebar menu of the Fusedoc view for the fuse that displays the form. This screen will display all the form elements, and provide you with an interface to select the properties of each element, such as the input type and label.

One important thing to note is that every fuseaction that displays this form page has to have all the same settings in the XFAs for the form to display in the Wireframe Views for all of the related fuseactions.