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How do we consume the 'act_reader_w_includes.cfm' in our templates. How do we show the data.

This is a special layout reader that allows you to include a ColdFusion page instead of showing the "responsibilities" text in the Wireframe view of a fuseaction. This means that with this Layout Reader you can show a much more complete rendition of the page.

To use, you'll have to set up a prototype template as mentioned in the Prototyping section of the Online Help. In your application Config (in the "Main" drawer), switch the Layout Reader to act_reader_w_includes and submit the form. Now in the same prototype folder that holds your template file (, you can create a series of include files, one for each fuseaction. The naming convention for these includes is "inc_mycircuit_myfuseaction.cfm". They can contain Query Sims, other ColdFusion code, or just html, for use in the main body area of the template.

Any of the XFAs that are available to the fuseaction are also available to the inc_ file, in actual variables. However, if you have the XFA Link Locations set to any location other than "general", and a Link Type other than "link", the styling section of the layout reader will also display the XFA.