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FAQ - Architecting

Does FuseBuilder support the MVC design pattern?

Yes, FuseBuilder supports the MVC design pattern, and has several tools that allow you to develop apps using it.

You can architect directly in MVC by adding a "Remote Fuseaction" in a fuseaction's Process instead of an Include. In FB3 for CF this will be generated as an "AddToQ()" using Techspedition's FuseQ addin for FB3, and in FB4 it will be generated as a "<do/>".

While you can't Wireframe directly into MVC, FuseBuilder automatically sets circuits created in Wireframe Edit Mode as "public", which would be used in MVC as the Controller Circuits. Then you can convert it to MVC in the Project View.

To convert a fuseaction to MVC in project view, simply click on any of the fuseactions to expand its contents and next to any of the Includes you'll find a link to "Convert to MVC". This link gives you one form to create or select Remote Fuseactions for all Includes in the fuseaction, not just one at a time, and new circuits are automatically created as "internal". Using this link, converting a project from non-MVC to MVC can be completed in minutes.

I'll be producing a small tutorial to illustrate this, which will be an appendix to the second tutorial.