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FAQ - General

Who built and maintains Fusebuilder?

FuseBuilder was conceived of, developed (and is used) by Mike Ritchie, a ColdFusion and (barely) PHP programmer and web developer hailing from Vancouver, Canada. FuseBuilder was created to address a need that he felt existed for a web-based tool that would continue where the existing Wireframing tools left off. At the time there was no one application that a developer could use to wireframe, architect and generate a Fusebox framework in their web browser.

There were several testers involved in the early stages of the project that supplied critical feedback and suggestions. They are:

  • Ryan Breece
  • Sandra Clark
  • Xavi Clotet
  • Erki Eskin
  • John Farrar
  • Kevin Freestone
  • Greg Hamm
  • Brian Kotek
  • Glenn Laymon
  • Deva Nando
  • Tom Nunamaker
  • Dan O'Keefe
  • Drew Parker
  • Qasim Rasheed
  • Joel Richards
  • Kevin Roche
  • Paul Roe
  • Timothy Sanguinetti