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Architecting in FuseBuilder

Using the Project View in FuseBuilder allows for finer granular support for each defineable element. For instance, in Wireframe Edit Mode, you can only specify the fuseaction and display text of an XFA, whereas in Project View you can specify whether the XFA is a form or link, and which Link Location to use in the Prototype.

FuseBuilder and MVC

FuseBuilder has several tools that allow you to work directly in MVC, or convert non-MVC FuseBuilder projects. In Project View you can treat your Circuits and Fuseactions as Controllers, and access your fuses using "Remote Fuseactions" that are generated as "AddToQ()" in Fusebox 3, and as "<do/>" in Fusebox 4. Any properties that can be defined for a Fusebox 4 Circuit and Fuseaction can be set in FuseBuilder, such as "access" and "permission".